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File 131278153367.jpg - (17.34KB , 212x299 , whoopswrongbutkus.jpg )
27 No. 27
"Sometimes when I'm looking at the moon, I imagine that you're looking at the moon and we're both together."
>> No. 64
(In response to spidertard saying he can't download movies on his Internet because his school monitors his connection.)
"Hook it up to a different oak tree!"
>> No. 223
"Secret World of Alex Mack the MMO. I'm a level 40 puddle, what are you?"
>> No. 241
"Luke's played 1090 hours of Warband." - Mazaku
"That means Luke is halfway to an Associate's Degree in cRPG" - Nocc
>> No. 244
(talking about Sriracha)
"I normally just use that stuff to masturbate. Closest thing I'll get to a Thai woman."
>> No. 261
"Dick? I don't see him ever."
>> No. 270
"The Game Mode Loader Lets You in on The Secret."
>> No. 320
Directed at Helmholz: "Hey kids, get in my Prius I'm not gonna discipline ya"
>> No. 323
I've seen Rowsdower like, maybe 600 times in my life.
>> No. 346
Star Wars would've been a footnote.
>> No. 350
"I like Masta Ace, man. If he was here I would cuddle 'em."

[Editor's note: He was drunk as hell when he said this.]
>> No. 351
(When referring to someone else who acts like Masta Ace)
"It's like a new character; and the class is Masta Ace."
>> No. 367
"I just looked up rectum on google images and it came up with that."
>> No. 379
"If cum tasted like brie I'd be cum gay."
>> No. 389
(Davekap is gone after smelling smoke/hearing a fire alarm)
Alucard: I'm to check out the San Francisco fire scanner.
Luke: Yeah, I'm coming up with a lot of results for the San Francisco flamers.
>> No. 404
"I love affecting Dassy (Dasyati) in ways he cannot control."
>> No. 406
"I'm trying to fuck your grandma"
"It was too dry down there and all we had was Vick's VapoRub."
>> No. 407
"I just farted and it tastes like a potato pancake."
>> No. 408
"Dude, I think that'd be so cool if a baby had a 10-inch black penis."
>> No. 431
"I wonder what it would be like to be a level 2 Karl."

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