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File 131182686560.jpg - (3.23KB , 183x137 , image001.jpg )
22 No. 22
"If this were a book, I'd read it!"
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>> No. 213
"How would Muslims pray in space? They'd stand on their heads, that's how."
>> No. 219
"I'm way too married to like this."
>> No. 220
"I don't hide it, I like browns."
>> No. 246
"Masta Ace, you're like if a Slowpoke and a Bidoof had a baby." - He said with an Italian accent.
>> No. 247
"And the video ends with a Tupac Shakur quote, why does that make my mother a bitch, Luke?"
>> No. 252
"I had to eat hot dog pizzas for your freedom."
>> No. 254
"you sent me the same one twice."
"I want you to look at it twice."
>> No. 271
"Fucking anthropomorphic white tigers in knight armor? Fuck you, go to jail, I don't care what you did."
>> No. 289
"I swear to god if anything happens to Marie you're banned"
>> No. 294
"Good, I hope I get stabbed"

>> No. 303
Lupin: "I had sex with an engineer girl."
"Did she measure the circumference of your dilz?"
>> No. 304
File 13847186817.jpg - (131.40KB , 705x542 , mgay.jpg )
>> No. 343
"Yeah, I'm totally gonna let you drown my baby."
>> No. 356
>> No. 362
"If I'm gonna die, it's gonna be in heels."
>> No. 370
"I'm gonna go do the dishes." - Dave
"Wait, don't you live alone?" - Helm
"Yeah... why does that matter?" - Dave
"Wouldn't you be doing the dish?" - Helm
>> No. 371
"What do you call a group of wood elves? Nnnniggers! Ho ho ho ho ho (published in White Dwarf Magazine)"
>> No. 386
File 146589264653.jpg - (1.62KB , 56x51 , 2016-06-14_012343.jpg )
"alright listen fucker or you're going to explode, press the A with a dick"
>> No. 390
"Sure, Tyrone McBlacklivesmatter, who gives a fuck"
>> No. 391
w0xy: "Have you ever fired your weapon in anger?"
"No but I put it in my mouth a lot. It's not that I'm suicidal, I just like how the barrel tastes."
>> No. 394
*Talking about Leslie Jones

"She has horse shoulders"
>> No. 397
"I have reached the top of troll mountain."
>> No. 400
"Every time I find a duffel bag filled with $100,000 I find a duffel bag filled with $99,000. I mean who just leaves a duffel bag filled with $98,000? Sir I need to report this duffel bag filled with $97,000"
>> No. 402
"Well, ALL cats are autistic."
>> No. 405
"Kanye West is the Darviela of Hip-Hop"
>> No. 411
*Talking to Village about being Liberal*

"Yeah but that's okay, you act the part. You don't wear a tie. You suck dicks in public."
>> No. 412
Describing the age bracket of Millennials:

"How old is the oldest person you hate? That is the top."
>> No. 413
"Raggy, I feel like I could farm you IRL."
>> No. 418
Reno: "Wait, Alucard isn't a police officer?!"

Helm: "That's like pinning a badge on an Apple II!"
>> No. 423
"How many stinky Indians do you think work at Google?"
>> No. 425
"Do you guys think it's funny that I can speak 12 languages but all I can say in them is 'I'm Cumming'?"
>> No. 428
File 149984230052.jpg - (667.54KB , 2500x1875 , 68eMiA3[1].jpg )
"If [my wife] were ever to talk into the room and this was image on my screen I would panic and switch to porn."

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