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File 13497593149.jpg - (41.12KB , 227x214 , lupin.jpg )
153 No. 153
"You should build a motorcycle, then kill yourself on it."
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>> No. 154
File 134975936271.jpg - (65.46KB , 500x281 , tk baha.jpg )
>> No. 182
The fact that anyone can brush this off literally sickens me. Is foresight and preparedness really so out of fashion that people can ask the question "what do we need these guns for?" and take themselves seriously? It's not only a matter of foresight, but of history that has repeated itself time and time again. The founding fathers didn't write the second amendment so that 250 years later we could be hunting deer. Dave. Please. Suck ten dicks. In a row.
>> No. 183
Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were my countryman.
>> No. 191
I always ask questions. That's why my name is Karl.
>> No. 253
"She's kinda cute, I'd fuck her, kill her, feed her to my car"
>> No. 269
"When I get riled up, I become a fucking steamroller and I don't stop until something gives."
>> No. 308
"I'm weird about fluid."
>> No. 339
"I don't have a fucking IV drip. I'm not mainlining fucking Mumble."
>> No. 426
"I hate liberals a lot more than I love freedom."
>> No. 433
"I'm from West Palm Beach, you nigger!"
>> No. 452
"My girlfriend told me I need to chill with the flirting with gay dudes."

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