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File 131050219491.jpg - (37.43KB , 413x388 , 32060_1490824949931_1213210173_1417293_4132372_n[1.jpg )
14 No. 14
"Maybe he has like, a girl butt."
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>> No. 51
"I had a fucked up dream when I was little. I dreamed I was hanging out with Adam Sessler but he was drunk and he beat me up."
>> No. 52
"Dr. Coke is real and I know it is!"
>> No. 59
"They were havin' sex for dinner."
"What was for dessert?"
"Shame. ...The appetizer was cruel intentions."
>> No. 74
"I don't even wanna have sex with her. I just want to feed her cookies."
>> No. 84
File 133222606641.jpg - (45.25KB , 500x375 , tumblr_m162wzjwbJ1qba7z5o1_500.jpg )
How do I replace the image
>> No. 88
"...and he's typing paragraphs of don't care at me, and it's 3 in the morning..."
>> No. 89
"If RCK dies, it's probably going to be something poop related."
>> No. 94
"Luke, have you ever popped someone's back just by sitting on them?"
>> No. 107
"Raisins are fuckin' gaaaaay."
>> No. 176
"If everyone's going to play Mount & Blade on Christmas then consider me The Grinch."
>> No. 198
File 136106279212.jpg - (24.82KB , 907x514 , jfczcij.jpg )
>> No. 199
File 13610630467.jpg - (25.85KB , 945x529 , jg13KJ1.jpg )
>> No. 227
"alucard is a goblin of elitism"
>> No. 300
"and I found this out while I was on pot rice krispy treats at a toro y moi concert ... it was a very high dosage too"
>> No. 317
"All I ever did as a teen was get sad about lesbians on the internet."
>> No. 318
"the release will bees when I release"
>> No. 447
""This vehicle reloads your weapons while you ride it?" I wish my car did that."
>> No. 448
"I saw Bob Mould in the Airport on the way to Romania"
>> No. 449
Masta Ace: "You know Weezer's cover of Africa by Toto is actually pretty g-"
Walt: "Shut the fuck up! That is the dumbest shit you have ever said."

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