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File 138831204346.jpg - (155.02KB , 640x480 , 44A51D65FBD24E195CF634076E441119.jpg )
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She's 16 and a half. That's like literally 21!
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>> No. 409
"Everything is Hitler"
>> No. 417
"Trump will be out of office and Kanye West will be in and that Lupin will STILL be in school"
>> No. 427
"I got my dick sucked during the matinee showing of Grown Ups 2."

File 149220853850.jpg - (789.87KB , 1536x1536 , 1397854_10200901739365793_1621859858_o.jpg )
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"Good Friday is the day Jesus got no-scoped."
>> No. 424
*Talking about skateboard bearings*

"I was more of a 'See ya later' boy."

File 13290368823.jpg - (11.73KB , 200x200 , 23577_1295595507596_1161570122_30730427_4763553_n[.jpg )
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Alextide Quotes
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>> No. 410
"Where's Masta Ace? Isn't he the guy who buys everyone video games?"
>> No. 421
alextide32: we wold be fighting the boughuargutie
>> No. 422

File dave.jpg - (77.87KB , 640x480 )
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>> No. 395
"I want a president I can fuck"
>> No. 396
"I want to fuck the president"
>> No. 419
"Feel free to ~DaveKap that on the Quotes board. That's usually how I sign my emails at work, either ~Dave or ~DaveKap."

File maz.jpg - (0B )
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This is the official Maz Quotes thread
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>> No. 377
"You see Jeb's wife? She looks like a thing you'd kill in D&D. She's got a tiny little hitbox dude, she's mischievous and gross."
>> No. 398
"I'm just taking it easy, dude. I'm not trying to go all '1488' in chat."
>> No. 416
"She is 1 DLC away from being half-off."

File 142295685673.png - (526.07KB , 412x720 , assiiiii.png )
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"I'm one of their people now. The secret password was hootenanny."
>> No. 335
"If you wear a hood and you're black you're pretty much asking for it, aren't you?"
>> No. 353
"It was like House Lannister, House Tyrell, and Asian Hodor."
>> No. 355
"It was like Mystery Africa Theater 3000"

File 142234086028.jpg - (52.17KB , 604x404 , 2307_55845466471_6105_n.jpg )
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"I'm having a thread? Why would I have a thread?"
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>> No. 332
"Luke all slathered up in honey like a sloth... so good"
>> No. 341
"Why does that chick have so many dicks in her face??"
>> No. 342
"Hey Karl. Your wife is pregnant and I have a lighter."

File 131050219491.jpg - (37.43KB , 413x388 , 32060_1490824949931_1213210173_1417293_4132372_n[1.jpg )
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"Maybe he has like, a girl butt."
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>> No. 300
"and I found this out while I was on pot rice krispy treats at a toro y moi concert ... it was a very high dosage too"
>> No. 317
"All I ever did as a teen was get sad about lesbians on the internet."
>> No. 318
"the release will bees when I release"

File 139034745627.gif - (713.77KB , 600x716 , resolution.gif )
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"My phone got robbed by niggers on Halloween."

File 135296180582.png - (16.23KB , 207x207 , 2012-11-14_224229.png )
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"...and that's about all I can take, and I'm pulling out right now."
>> No. 173
"I shit you not! That deer was racing against a Pontiac Fiero!"
>> No. 313
I said no such quotes.

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