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File 137108023651.gif - (217.89KB , 891x1331 , nuklear.gif )
259 No. 259 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
"I watched eight hours of Shark week on fucking shrooms man"
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>> No. 437
"There are a ton of girls who would like to fuck a cis man in the ass."
>> No. 444
"It's just a $15 shitty Logitech keyboard. It's not a musical one it has letters."
>> No. 445
"That's the idea of an eight-year-old!"

File 131270662329.jpg - (53.16KB , 720x480 , 226195_2290927517040_1364570797_32689389_8084106_n.jpg )
26 No. 26 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
"Fuck my grandchildren."
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>> No. 415
"I don't even know what channel cable's on."
>> No. 432
File 150226265271.jpg - (84.91KB , 599x787 , gonan_pre.jpg )
>> No. 442
"Pretentious is not Indigenous, Pretentious is Androgynous"

File 151932720560.png - (141.52KB , 455x636 , s678-6__72365_800x[1].png )
441 No. 441 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
"When I was 12 years old I had a dream that I fucked Satan."

File 132971050691.jpg - (29.35KB , 480x640 , jams.jpg )
77 No. 77 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
"I think I'd be a pretty sweet fat person...I just...I dunno."
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>> No. 430
"Alextide's taking the Bar too"
>> No. 439
"If I was there I would take the palm of my hand and put it on the small of your back just to warm it."
>> No. 440
"If I was there I would take the palm of my hand and put it on the small of your back just to warm it."

File 145430032040.jpg - (32.49KB , 736x414 , anonymous-isis-bitcoin-opisis.jpg )
378 No. 378 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
"Maybe if Chuck got The Witness he wouldn't be in the shit he's in now."
>> No. 438
Dam Son!: >
Dam Son!: p>lP/O.'{}
Dam Son!: ? n
Dam Son!: | '
Dam Son!: {_+}?p|><lb,}{?
Dam Son!: +">m:hp_l _|+p?:<mh

File 14397873465.jpg - (42.23KB , 404x428 , 126620190012.jpg )
358 No. 358 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Quotes go here
>> No. 359
"Well then shut up then."
>> No. 372
*beep boop*
>> No. 436
"What are you again?"

File 150467449515.jpg - (93.23KB , 540x720 , 21244464_10114884530468514_901827201_n.jpg )
434 No. 434 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
"I don't have a Quote Thread"
>> No. 435
"Karl, you on?"

File 13497593149.jpg - (41.12KB , 227x214 , lupin.jpg )
153 No. 153 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
"You should build a motorcycle, then kill yourself on it."
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>> No. 339
"I don't have a fucking IV drip. I'm not mainlining fucking Mumble."
>> No. 426
"I hate liberals a lot more than I love freedom."
>> No. 433
"I'm from West Palm Beach, you nigger!"

File 131278153367.jpg - (17.34KB , 212x299 , whoopswrongbutkus.jpg )
27 No. 27 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
"Sometimes when I'm looking at the moon, I imagine that you're looking at the moon and we're both together."
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>> No. 407
"I just farted and it tastes like a potato pancake."
>> No. 408
"Dude, I think that'd be so cool if a baby had a 10-inch black penis."
>> No. 431
"I wonder what it would be like to be a level 2 Karl."

File 132209653087.jpg - (16.46KB , 252x308 , 313281_10150361871226343_521216342_10091394_552062.jpg )
57 No. 57 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
"He sits on my hand and I can feel his butthole pucker."
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>> No. 331
"I got the hot snakes and I drank too many dranks"
>> No. 380
Do you ever think the pope misspeaks and calls himself "The Poop?" I'm-a tha' POOP-AH!
>> No. 429
"I'm experiencing the 'open' part of 'open sandbox' right now."

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