"This has the bacony stench of Canada all over it!"

Mumble Skin by alextide32 - 09/02/13 @ 05:19 PM PDT #

So now that we've moved to mumble we now have a super specialized eaglehat skin you can use to make it look super awesome. Here's how to install it.
1. Download the skin HERE
2. Extract the eh folder to your mumble folder ex: "C:/Program Files/Mumble/eh"
3. In Mumble config under "User Interface" load the "eh.qss" file and restart Mumble.
4. Enjoy your upgraded Eaglehat chat experience.

HAPPY 5th B-DAY EAGLEHAT by alextide32 - 08/11/13 @ 03:29 PM PDT #

So it's been well over two years since I last made a news post. Nothing really to update you about but I discovered that the old ventrilo server was created sometime around August of '08. I'm pretty sure the original "/fl/ Lobster Chan" was created around the same time according to the oldest thread in the archive. So yeah... 5 years of Eaglehat. Here's to five more! 3...2...1... DRINK!

Software upgrade by alextide32 - 06/16/11 @ 01:58 AM PDT #

After neglecting the task for some time, I decided to upgrade Eaglehat to the latest version of Kusaba X. Eaglehat was running on the now defunct Serissa. New features include the ability to watch threads, post quick replies and embed videos other than YT and Google Video. If you have a suggestion for a new video site you want me to add let me know. There are also many new admin features.
Also you may have noticed the new map I have added to /eh/. This nifty little feature shows the location of everyone who is currently browsing. That's about it for now!

Some new stuff goin on by alextide32 - 03/20/11 @ 02:47 PM PDT #

It's been a few months (almost a year) since the last front page update. Not much has changed other than a few things. First of all, Eaglehat Radio is still up and running. However it is no longer an independent station. We are now relaying the ghettoradio.us stream. All programming from EH Radio is now on ghetto radio and if you would like to DJ just sign up on the site and ask on the forums to have your account changed to DJ status.
On another note we have added a new board /food/. Post food related things there for all the fat asses of eaglehat to enjoy (including myself).
Also grab your favorite IRC client and join #eh on irc.buttes.org. Or if you're too lazy to download one CLICK HERE to join using the built in client on firefox.

Eaglehat Update by alextide32 - 06/13/10 @ 10:42 PM PDT #

Hello fellow citizens of Eaglehat! I haven't made a news post in quite some time so I figure I should get you up to date on a few things. First off, I did manage to update some of the banners on a few pages of Eaglehat, including the one on the main page (see above). I also decided to bring back Eaglehat radio. Yes, I know it didn't work out well last time but I got a good deal on a shoutcast server and I thought what the hell. I also needed to put my eaglehat.net domain to good use so it worked out perfect. The main page for the radio is now at eaglehat.net and the stream page is at radio.eaglehat.net:8310. Again if you want to DJ just give me a shout and i'll get you hooked up with the info.

Facelift by alextide32 - 11/01/09 @ 07:33 PM PST #

Eaglehat has undergone a small facelift. After trying to come up with a new color scheme I figured the best thing to do would be to just make the current color scheme look better. So I just adopted a "Yotsuba"ish type look with smoother looking colors. For those of you that don't know what Yotsuba is see here. Also thanks to bikes for the design of a new banner. Another thing I changed was the size of the thumbnails and I made the gifs animated when you view the thread (per Mazaku's request)

That is all for now!
Cold beer on a Sunday night :)

L4EH by alextide32 - 10/08/09 @ 12:44 AM PDT #

Hello friends,
I'm sure you are all aware by now, but Eaglehat now has it's very own Left 4 Dead server. I'm just making this post to link to some of the pages I have made for your convenience. If you don't know how to connect to the server I made a complete guide with screenshots (for those of you who don't know how to read) and a page with the complete list of maps installed on the server and links to the page to download them.

How to connect to the server
Maps List

Also on another note, I have canceled the subscription to the shoutcast since nobody was using it. So no more Eaglehat radio :(

1 Year Strong! by alextide32 - 08/29/09 @ 12:28 AM PDT #

I was browsing through the Vent logs and discovered as of this past Thursday, Eaglehat/Flying Lobsters Ventrilo is officially 1 year old!
That being said, lets go for another year!
Also I believe it's the third year now for flyinglobsters.com
Where has the time gone...

Eaglehat Radio by alextide32 - 08/13/09 @ 07:21 PM PDT #

I finally found a host for a free shoutcast. Yes, it is a free host but it allows 2000 listeners! It is with a site called Listen2MyRadio. The only "catch" I have found so far is that you have to view the "youstream.fm" URL first before you can access the shoutcast page. Other than that it is a perfectly good radio host.
That being said here is the info:
http://eaglehat.youstream.fm - You must view this page FIRST - Shoutcast (You have to go to the link above before you can see this page)

Ok so nevermind all that, I just went ahead and bought a shoutcast from This Site for $10 a month. 25 listeners at 64 kbps, not too bad. Thanks to bikes for the funds to get it up and going!
New link is ehradio.flyinglobsters.com:8098

Enjoy! Also if you would like to be a DJ, feel free to hit me up and i'll give you the info.

Welcome to the new Eaglehat! by alextide32 - 05/06/09 @ 06:55 PM PDT #

Well, it's finally done! I've upgraded the software from Wakaba to a new software called Serissa. What this means is I have more control over the content and users of all the boards. But even better I now can add more boards with the click of a button! Also there are more features on the boards such as the ability to sticky, lock and delete threads much easier than before.
Also with this new software comes the introduction of the /audio/ board, where you can upload all your mp3 and wav soundclips to. (which is what I have been wanting for a really long time!)
Also there is a new "Oekaki" board where you can draw animations right onto the board!.

I will be posting updates on this news page so keep an eye out!