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I made you some trail mix out of rat droppings and hair

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ROWSDOWER... next weekend?

File 147597946119.jpg - (212.76KB , 768x1184 , Snapchat-3798021215581302171.jpg )
150 No. 150
Whilst I was out getting a new router I noticed that the cool waffle house underneath the tiny high school on the corner shut down. That sucks. But it was replaced by this Korean place called Cupbop which specializes in... bibimbap in a cup?

This ain't bad. It's very much "food court" quality, but it's got veggies 'n' tiny potatoes 'n' shit and I also added an egg
>> No. 151
K I found the egg underneath the other stuff and it looks like one of those pucks they put on McMuffins, so probably not worth adding that again

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