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I made you some trail mix out of rat droppings and hair

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File 130000970288.jpg - (39.44KB , 413x310 , ap_chinese_food_070725_ms[1].jpg )
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Welcome to /food/. Post anything food related in here. I will be posting everything that I eat from now on in a new thread. I encourage you to do the same.
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File 148411243215.jpg - (17.36KB , 350x450 , fuckin_tab.jpg )
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'The Rude Dick'

2 parts bourbon (Old Forester)
1 part ginger ale
Fill the rest up with Tab
>> No. 155
It's no good


File 147597946119.jpg - (212.76KB , 768x1184 , Snapchat-3798021215581302171.jpg )
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Whilst I was out getting a new router I noticed that the cool waffle house underneath the tiny high school on the corner shut down. That sucks. But it was replaced by this Korean place called Cupbop which specializes in... bibimbap in a cup?

This ain't bad. It's very much "food court" quality, but it's got veggies 'n' tiny potatoes 'n' shit and I also added an egg
>> No. 151
K I found the egg underneath the other stuff and it looks like one of those pucks they put on McMuffins, so probably not worth adding that again

File 146950952043.jpg - (93.68KB , 1024x573 , IMG_20160725_220116.jpg )
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I got In-N-Ou-- err I mean "Caliburger"

Yes the fries are anim-- uhh... "Cali-style"

File 145000113383.jpg - (47.83KB , 617x823 , kapoong.jpg )
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File 143702350470.png - (873.86KB , 768x1280 , Screenshot_2015-07-15-22-07-22.png )
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you ever been to a place you see the containers on display you're like "oh ok i've had a large one of those before" and then right after you've paid someone else's exact same order comes out piled to the ceiling and you realize you're fucked

bacon mac 'n' cheese poutine. hope i can finish this before i'm sober enough to worry about the consequences

File 142242174694.jpg - (91.08KB , 1028x771 , dopechos.jpg )
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Mega dope 'chos

File 142223748551.png - (39.01KB , 200x200 , itaotshead.png )
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File 140288732677.jpg - (112.52KB , 768x1184 , 20140615074809.jpg )
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Strawberries and white chocolate yogurt.

It's like I'm at Wimbledon but gayer.

File 139736302677.jpg - (89.12KB , 1196x768 , Snapchat-20140412090405.jpg )
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- Eggo(R) waffles
- President's Choice(R) Southern Crunch[tm] breaded boneless skinless chicken breast
Side A:
- Dijon mustard
- Pepper jack cheese
- Black pepper
Side B:
- Maple syrup
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File 13973631052.jpg - (105.89KB , 768x1184 , Snapchat-20140412091206.jpg )
eat THIS!

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