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File 135423521316.jpg - (191.47KB , 1433x1340 , movienight.jpg )
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This is the official Eaglehat Movie night thread.
Suggest movies we should watch and time when it will be streamed.
All movies streamed to annefrankindacan: http://www.livestream.com/annefrankindacan
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>> No. 10212
>> No. 10213
But not Life of Pi.
>> No. 10214


File 135419203822.jpg - (60.68KB , 640x360 , darkfalluw.jpg )
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Vote yes and greenlight this please. THX

>> No. 10211

File 135414472486.jpg - (129.33KB , 847x349 , blankguide.jpg )
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Have fun with this.
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>> No. 10205
>Be 21
>quizbowl's 19
>Been dating for months now
>This guy named Joe comes out of fucking nowhere into my life
>He's my new coworker at my company
>Find out he has no money, no place of residence.
>Moved here for the job and can no longer afford his hotel
>Decide to open up to him
>Keep him in my apartment for weeks
>Bro is pretty kooby
>We play the vidya, Larry Csonkas beers, watch football
>This continues for months
>Afterwards, find out quizbowl is pregnant
>By all tradition, I have to marry her now.
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>> No. 10206
>last year
>suspecting gf of cheating
>she comes home one night, doesn't say anything to me, just goes and takes a shower for like forever
>she shuts off the shower, mumbling
>realize she's on the phone with someone
>think its her friend til I hear her say "I love you"
>later that night, ask her If everything's alright, she says no, like I knew she would
>push her up against the wall
>finger her slowly
>shes wet almost instantly
>whip it out
>just railing this bitch
>she suddenly starts moaning until she gushes all over my rckbikes and down the wall
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>> No. 10207
File 135443624614.jpg - (2.61MB , 2523x1735 , 1349769185040.jpg )

File 135383281881.jpg - (63.63KB , 850x565 , 1353823542989.jpg )
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hey guys, i've been playing Planetside 2 for 2 2 long and now i can't leave my house because i look like this. pls help
>> No. 10180
File 135388654458.jpg - (577.13KB , 900x1195 , 1350254236544.jpg )
>> No. 10181
File 135396950554.jpg - (57.71KB , 590x536 , 1353967454126[1].jpg )
>eaglehat in 10 years

File 135359004527.jpg - (18.07KB , 400x306 , survival.jpg )
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My friends and I used to go out in the woods, and pretend we were Robin Hood and his Merry Men. I lived about 5 miles away from the nearest paved road, so the woodland area was quite large. I guess you could have called it LARPing, but none of us even had a clue what that was in the late 80's. I lived the first 2 years of my life in this rural area, without electricity or running water. Nothing builds character like hauling 5 gallon buckets of water you pumped from a well to sit on a woodstove for a hot bath.

We made our own bows and arrows, to have archery contests. We saved aluminum cans to smelt swords and daggers.

We made a tree fortress that spanned multiple trees, and made our own rope ladders so no one else could get in. We spent many a night camped in the treetops with nothing but sleeping bags, and a coleman lantern.

I learned pretty much everything we did from a series of survival books I got for my birthday at around age 10. We got the ideas for our adventures from watching Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner.

It's pretty nerdy, but all the climbing, running, and outdoor activity made us all very fit. People who are physically fit are typically seen as attractive, and once we started paying attention to the girls who were taking an interest in us, our adventures ended.
>> No. 10177
Coleman is a brand name and should be capitalized.

File 135363737648.jpg - (273.07KB , 872x584 , davekap.jpg )
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the kapital family enjoying a nice thanksgiving meal of DaveKapes

File 135361340797.jpg - (46.13KB , 947x255 , falcogiving.jpg )
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for luke's ears only

File 135361138046.jpg - (556.60KB , 900x1273 , 2012-09-03-bonerlands-cover.jpg )
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all of my prayers have finally been answered

i have all of this and i KNOW you are ALL extremely JELLY

File 135338715055.gif - (489.15KB , 500x360 , anigif_enhanced-buzz-28981-1353280400-2.gif )
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alextide has now crizzled his pants
>> No. 10170
File 135353555185.png - (192.27KB , 500x316 , tumblr_mds3qleEwt1r89qoso1_500.png )
clean urself alex
>> No. 10173
File 135360912746.jpg - (97.37KB , 252x313 , 359833[1].jpg )
>this thread

File 135319881288.png - (591.13KB , 960x640 , BaredditObama.png )
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Enjoy your shitty meme filled president
>> No. 10169
File 135349021316.jpg - (336.37KB , 600x2560 , 1353216011282.jpg )

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