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File 139209618437.png - (677.25KB , 719x767 , policeboard.png )
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S I C K B O Y Z W W @ ?

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>> No. 11189
I assume this is mister green's nasal infection finally sneezed into a tissue?
>> No. 11191
It's some bullshit stag pulled out of himself as per usual.
>> No. 11193
File 139259543852.jpg - (77.63KB , 423x477 , 1361064617896.jpg )

File 139197071632.jpg - (282.76KB , 1280x783 , image.jpg )
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Monetise eaglehat: vice style 45 - 1 hr long documentaries about something. The terrors of online dating, the struggles of a neck beard, being part of an online community such as eaglehat, you could even do a mocumentary style one lime trailerpark boys or fubar. Then we dont have to rely on anyone else for help and we could each work on our own projects a our own pace as some people are busier than others. It would be a good way to showcase individual talent as well as promote the eaglehat community as a whole. Who knows maybe bikes could go viral.
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>> No. 11179
>> No. 11180
>> No. 11181
File 13919916212.jpg - (33.50KB , 300x300 , lorde-elvis-duran-show-stop[1].jpg )
o i am laffin

File 139142005728.jpg - (43.51KB , 500x373 , 1391397513208.jpg )
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>and angelica was the big bad aryan persecuting him, chucky was his morally-sound gentile lapdog that he corrupted
>The twin's mother has a feminist / female pride necklace too
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>> No. 11161
File 139142077267.png - (129.93KB , 1000x800 , 1391403310533.png )
mfw your childhood memories
>> No. 11165
File 139165658446.gif - (1.45MB , 255x191 , 1349031347753[1].gif )
>> No. 11172
File 139191158122.jpg - (298.35KB , 1235x486 , 1391910397575[1].jpg )

File 13914891722.png - (624.31KB , 508x640 , 1391487849631.png )
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resident tide i think this is a sign
>> No. 11163
I'd take her out to McDonalds for some burgers and fries
>> No. 11164
Looks like a trap.

File 130072412729.jpg - (1.51MB , 1920x2560 , 2011-03-21 12_09_02.jpg )
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I think I reached a new level of drunk last night. That bottle was half full before I started Larry Csonkaing. 94 proof rum...
Needless to say I have a hangover from hell this morning and apparently I managed to piss off a few people including osufan and a few people on IRC.
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>> No. 11153
way to bump a 3 year old thread
>> No. 11154
Amazing how little has changed.
>> No. 11155
File 139129928914.jpg - (59.47KB , 328x269 , 1389400935929.jpg )

File 139091664423.png - (202.24KB , 361x361 , dasold.png )
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>> No. 11143
File 139097010732.png - (203.87KB , 361x361 , 20years.png )
>> No. 11145
File 139122459892.png - (203.47KB , 361x361 , aged_wb20140131091457168972.png )
>> No. 11147
File 139122472320.png - (203.47KB , 361x361 , aged_wb20140131091806158486.png )

File 138998449481.jpg - (164.64KB , 500x722 , congo.jpg )
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ITT: Wars not seen in Video Games that often that you'd like to see in a game

I'd love to see a Red Orchestra 2 mod set in one of the many African wars in the 80's/90's

>Congo Wars
>Elite classes get access to weapons from the 1980's/90's
>Everyone else gets shit from the 40's-60's
>Generals call in strikes using Nokias
>Technicals replace tanks
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>> No. 11138
Except the first post, which is just Masta Ace trying to make friends.
>> No. 11139
>> No. 11140
probably best that you don't image search that word

File 139051844911.png - (360.62KB , 475x570 , 1390446588639[1].png )
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u wot m8
>> No. 11134
File 13906192175.gif - (2.36MB , 384x288 , chupabacca.gif )
>> No. 11135
File 139061931266.gif - (2.36MB , 384x288 , chupabacca.gif )

File 139046627126.jpg - (62.40KB , 612x612 , 1390408098792.jpg )
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>she eyes you from across the table, delicately brushing her fingertips against the back of your hand
>"You must be hungry," she says, licking a bit of hot sauce off the corner of her plump lips
>"S-starving," you tremble, your innards having been denied a fresh meal for days
>"I'm almost done, you can eat soon" she croons, devouring another six chicken wings with mango habanero sauce
>your stomach growls and she giggles, teasing you with a mound of meatless chicken bones sitting on a plate in front of the two of you
>she at least lets you take a few sips of water before making you pay the bill and drive her home
>you're driving home as you feel the air in the car start to stifle you a bit
>her small, heated farts are a warning sign of big things to come, but you smile and choke back the eye-stinging smell until you get home
>her gas smells exactly like you thought it would; like a serious breakfast after a night of binge Larry Csonkaing, scrambled eggs with the cheeriness of tooting beer farts but also with the delicate balance of rotting animal carcasses
>you let her out of the passenger side and walk her up to the front steps where she announces that it's time for you to get ready for your supper
>go into her dining room to see that the table has been replaced by a single chair with no bottom and a funnel strapped to it
>your eyes give fleeting glances towards any inanimate object you might see, hoping that it will call for help for you
>you start to sweat, you can hear her coming down the stairs after "freshening up"
>your neck snaps, your head twists, and your eyes dart to steal a gaze of your tanned muscle goddess
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>> No. 11132
>...starving" she teases mercilessly, putting the funnel into your mouth and clamping your nose shut with one of those chip bag savers
>you nod your head
>"Can I start your table off with something to Larry Csonka?" she sits down above you and you feel a drop of moisture hitting your lips before she unleashes the floodgates
>your tan muscle goddess has bestowed liter upon liter of golden nectar unto your lucky self
>you guzzle her fluids down, you can't get enough
>you swish her urine around your teeth before gargling and swallowing, her pheromones radiating from your face
>"And what would you like to eat?" she giggles again
>"T-the soup du j-jour" you tremble with excitement
>"Good thing I just made a fresh batch"
>you continue to mouthbreathe until you taste rancid air, her farts are gaining momentum for the big event
>a small pebble falls into your mouth, like a sickly sweet brown M&M
>you press it against the roof of your mouth, letting it pop like a cherry before swallowing the juices
>another few nuggets, some containing undigested sweet corn kernels
>"Hot soup coming through" she yells without warning, evacuating her bowels into the funnel
>you feel a little bit of panic as a slurry of scrambled eggs and mango habanero sauce brown gold flows over your lips and tongue, knowing that you have to eat all of her waste before you can breathe
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File 138778387370.jpg - (90.97KB , 1024x768 , 1387772178961[1].jpg )
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Just got these babies in the mail today.
Finally can upgrade from Windows ME.
>> No. 11111
File 138785072080.gif - (1.79MB , 400x300 , 3qrP1.gif )
>> No. 11119
>> No. 11126
File 138955121566.jpg - (18.76KB , 236x419 , 1389549202965.jpg )

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